SmartShare Holiday Request is used to manage the holidays and leaves of your employees in a centralised manner. With SmartShare Holiday Request, the complete cycle of the demand is fully automated. Each employee may file a holiday request directly.  This request automatically triggers the process for the approval of the employee’s request with the line management, which accepts or refuses it.  This approval request is notified by e-mail to the different intervening parties.  The entire cycle is consequently carried out without any transfer of paper. 

SmartShare Holiday Request is used in particular to manage:

  • Holiday requests and absences (legal, sickness, unpaid, etc.) 
  • Access rights and security (delegation, approval, etc.)
  • Traceability 
  • Workflow (notifications to managers, back-up, etc.) 
  • An efficient Out of Office feature 
  • An overview of absences
  • Reporting (summary file of absences per department, per month, etc.),  
  • The interface with your existing tools (pay system, social secretariat, etc.) 
  • Access via client, Web or mobile 

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