End 2016, we announced SmartShare Android version was to be included in our product roadmap for 2017-2018.

What's up now ?

Mobile evolution

SmartShare main applications have been available on multiple mobile devices over time... BlackBerry (yes, we did that :-), in 2008), as a Web Mobile solution (2011) and lately on Apple's iPhones and iPads (2014).
As a native app offers a much better user experience than a Web Mobile would ever be able to achieve, it was time to add support for our Android end-users too.

Application Scope : from Phase 1 to...

We decided to split the development -and app availability- into 4 main phases :

Phase 1 : APM actions as main focus.

This means Contacts / Mail / DM will not be in there (yet).
However, we decided to ship this with some major functionalities which actually include -a bit of- Mail and Contacts.

For example :

  • you will be able to send / import a mail directly from within the app
  • activities will also be linkable to companies / contacts from within the app
  • ...

Phase 2 : Mail.

The app will have its own mailbox part, allowing access to mails, sent mails, trash,...  This version will allow easy processing of your mails (i.e. being able to reply to a notification -internally- by directly adding comments in the corresponding activity,...)

Phase 3 : Contacts.

This version is intended to have a full access (read & write) to all companies and contacts information.

Phase 4 : Documents.

Finally, the DM module is going to be integrated, as it is today with the iOS version. Also meaning it will be possible to have multiple DM applications (databases) binded in the app.
Note : Phones but also tablets are going to be supported from the initial release